Being a certified Health Coach based in Bangalore, my expertise lies in understanding and facilitating the promotion of Primary Health Foods and Holistic Health. Our generic approach to health has always been through the consumption of good food. My approach views good health as the coming together of food, mental and emotional spheres, interpersonal relationships, spirituality and career as facilitators or impediments in the achievement of optimal health.


As a holistic health coach from the Institute of Integrative nutrition, New York, my keen interest in Health and Nutrition first for myself and then my family, has led me to a lifetime of learning and researching a more holistic approach to balancing our busy urban lifestyles.


I’ve been very passionate about experimenting with and using locally sourced fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices for the last several years and cooking them minimally to retain maximum nutrition while keeping in mind our Indian palates and flavours. 


Food is our source of energy but that alone cannot decide optimal health. Because the body is a sum of many parts, my approach towards managing ill health, weight management and treatment of chronic ailments is through clean eating, health coaching, Self care and stress management. As a coach my work is to identify emotional and mental areas that lack attention, trigger cravings, causes discomfort and unhappiness. 


What I do : 

Health Coaching

As a health coach I conduct one on one programs with individuals. I Understand individual health problem and get a detailed history of your health concerns . I study their  food habits and analyse your day to day intake.I Identify and eliminate foods causing ill health, and add more nutritious and elevate their existing food as well as clean up their kitchen and make it more conducive to health 

Explain the concept of primary foods, nutrition counselling and my intervention. Good health is a sum total of everything going on in ones body .Be it mental or physical ,Everything affects the body in various degrees . As a part of the program I will be getting into and dealing with all aspects of an individuals life 

Be it exercise , relationship triggers , spirituality and career . There will be some reflective exercises and writing that help one understand where triggers lie and navigate them to make better decisions in the future .This program is for 4- 6 months as it takes that long to form a habit and get of cravings and triggers 

We will chat twice a month and make a few recommendations each time.


I also conduct a shorter program where I come to the kitchen and conduct clean ups , Instruct the help on how to make dishes more nutritious . Help with cleaning out the household of highly chemicalized and processed  products that may be causing harm . In addition to this I will advise on how to shop for the right things and what to avoid 


Workshops and talks :

I conduct a number of workshops on various topics of health 

 These are facilitated to answer your queries on healing foods, from basics of clean foods and nutrition to advanced insights on organic alternatives and helping your body thrive with a more holistic and nourishing lifestyle.

The workshops are all designed on helping one to navigate through stressfull urban lives and helping the body thrive and achieve ones goals no matter what . 

There are interactive sessions where  I teach Raw ,Whole food ,plant based recipes, vegan recipes using organic, locally sourced ingredients to increase vitality, improve health and heal from within. I help make a smooth transition to a more whole food, plant based diet which includes smoothies, salads, desserts, superfoods and more.


Corporate workshops : 

These workshops will be on the similar lines of the talks and workshops I conduct . workshops will be designed on helping specific groups of employees with work -life balance , Stress management , Productivity, Performance , Anger management ,Weight loss through Food & Nutrition & Well being . Various activities by practitioners and therapists can also be organised to help with giving employees a taste of a variety of exercise ,yoga , sound therapy , meditation, cooking as well as unwinding ,fun and relaxation to help with their happiness quotient . I have a bunch of videos and e-books that are designed to get people to start including more nutritious food into their diet ,vendor connects ,plant based shopping lists ,daily mails and loads more . 



Menu Curation consulting : 

Food choices are steadily leaning more towards a healthier bent . Whether its eating out at a restaurant or a wedding , people are now looking toward getting in some kind of health angle and being able to enjoy nutritious food even if it is at a celebration . I will be consulting on teaching the staff how to make tasty recipes that have a health aspect to it . Nutritious food can be fresh ,exciting and flavourful . In addition to this we will work towards the consumer learning about how this food will be working for him ,and in this angle I can identify and put in nutritional values as well as explaining health benefits of various ingredients  to the dishes. Creating menus that reinstate  beliefs in clean eating and fitness can be curated specifically keeping your business needs in mind.





Talks and workshops done


  • An Introduction to raw foods 

  • Smoothie workshops

  • Building a positive relationship with food 

  • Eat clean with Mari B 

  • The wellness workshop 

  • Superfoods - Super you workshop 

  • Keeping your kids healthy workshop 

  • An introduction to Essential Oils 

  • No nasties - Cleaning up your homes of toxins 

  • Nourish your body 

  • An introduction to plant based living 

  • The chocolate lovers workshop 

  • Raw living and RAWcipes 

  • Salad workshops 

  • Healthy baking